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Recent Projects

Exploration 01: Code Driven Art

I have had a lot of fun recently in creating digital art using code. p5.js is an awesome JavaScript library that allows for easy 2D and 3D canvas management, frame handling, shape primitives, and more.


Crossing lines that wiggle according to small random offsets. Effect resembles the temporal imperfection seen in hand drawn stop-motion animation.

Decaying Spirals

Transforming a sampled decaying exponential of the form \(e^{-st}\) into polar coordinates. Produces various spiral patterns that change depending on rotations applied between samples. There are three spirals which can be cycled through:

  1. No rotation
  2. Rotate by \(t\)
  3. Rotate by \(2t\)

Press n to see the next pattern, s for start/stop, r to restart, d for debug info.

Z-Domain Abstraction

An ambiguous filter whose two poles/zeros lie on the real axis at \(-1\) and \(1\) in the z-domain. This animation is a visual representation of determining the a filter’s frequency response by finding the ratio between the magnitudes of the poles to the zeros:

\[H(s) = \frac{\prod s_z}{\prod s_p}\]