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KU | RateMyProfessors browser extension

I started this mini-project out of the ever-so-fruitful combination of boredom and curiosity. I had been interested in developing a browser extension for a while, but I didn’t have any ideas to kickstart the learning process. But alas, the idea for KU | RateMyProfessors browser extension came to me!

A while back, a friend of mine showed me a similar idea that had been implemented for his school’s course search page. I guess it stewed around in my head for a while and bubbled up in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This project is completely open source and fairly simple. Have a look around, and make some changes if you want!

More Information
[Github Repo]
[Firefox Download]
[Chrome Download]

About the extension

As of writing this, the core script is scrapeProfessors() which can be found in ku-rmp.js. It uses a simple query selector to find all instances of professors on the page and grabs their innerHTML property. Then, it appends their name onto a RateMyProfessors.com search query that filters school to the University of Kansas:


This certainly isn’t the best way to go about this, but I want to stay legal. I extracted the endpoint necessary to get JSON formatted data about each professor, but I decided against implementing it. It seems like this would lie in a legal gray area and I don’t want to put the effort in just to get a cease and desist letter as a reward.

If you are curious, the following endpoint will return information on a professor at the University of Kansas by substituting {PROFNAME} for any query:


&q=Jeff Lang Returns:

         "q":"Jeff Lang",
            "schoolname_t:\"University of Kansas\"",
            "schoolcountry_s":"United States",
            "schoolname_s":"University of Kansas",
            "teacherfullname_s":"Jeffrey Lang",
               "Tough Grader",
               "Skip class? You won't pass.",
               "Gives Extra Credit",
               "Amazing lectures",
               "Clear grading criteria",
               "Would take again",
               "Gives good feedback",
               "There for you",
               "Respected by students"
               " Neff"
               " Lang"