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CLSX 316

Ancient Magic and Witches

This course provides a survey of magic and witchcraft in ancient Greece and Rome and interprets these practices through anthropological theories of magic and witchcraft. Emphasized topics may include magicians, witches, ghosts, spirits, demons, divination, and spells. This course considers issues such as how magic works, how people engage with the divine, the marginalization of magical practitioners, and the difference between magic, witchcraft and religion.

(Spring 2023)

PHSX 313 / 316

General Physics III / Lab

Introduction to modern physics. Topics include special relativity, optics, and introductions to quantum mechanics and solid state physics.

(Fall 2021)

LING 111

Linguistics - Language & Mind: Honors

A study of the relation between language and the human mind, focusing on language as a fundamental aspect of human cognition. Topics include what is innate and what is learned during first and second language acquisition, how we process language, and whether there are areas of the brain specialized for language.

(Fall 2020)

CHEM 130

General Chemistry I

This course seeks to develop a working knowledge of the conceptual foundation and the quantitative chemical relationships on which subsequent chemistry courses are built. Atomic structure, chemical bonding, reaction stoichiometry, thermochemistry, and periodic trends are emphasized in this integrated lecture and laboratory course.

(Fall 2020)

HIST 129

History of the United States After the Civil War

A historical survey of the American people from Reconstruction to the present. This survey is designed to reflect the diversity of the American experience, to offer the student a chronological perspective on the history of the United States, and to explore the main themes, issues, ideas, and events that shaped American history.

(Summer 2020)

PHSX 210 / 216

General Physics I for Engineers / Lab

Introduction to classical mechanics and thermodynamics designed for students in the School of Engineering who have completed MATH 125 or MATH 145 with a grade of C or better. Students not admitted to the School of Engineering must receive permission from instructor.

(Spring 2020)

COMS 130

Speaker-Audience Communication

Study of rhetorical theory and its application to the preparation, presentation, and criticism of oral discourse in audience situations. Special consideration of listening behavior and of the ethical conduct of speech in a free society.

(Spring 2020)

HNRS 190

A Just Machine - First Year Honors Seminar

This seminar serves as an introduction to the University Honors Program, to research opportunities and other academic resources available at the University of Kansas, and to specific disciplinary perspectives on an overarching theme. The early days of computing focusing on how computing came to be and why. We look at work by the major early computing scholars and put their work in the context of World War II. We also look a that the limitations of computing and what we know about what can and cannot be computed mechanically.

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(Fall 2019)

ENGL 105

Introduction to English: Honors

Study of significant works of world literature. The primary aims are to develop reading and writing skills and to introduce the students to works of literature drawn from a variety of genres and historical periods.

(Fall 2019)

ECON 144

Principles of Macroeconomics

An analytical introduction to macroeconomics. Topics include determination of aggregate income, employment, inflation, exchange rates, and the role of fiscal and monetary policy in dealing with unemployment, inflation, and economic growth.

(Fall 2019)