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LING 111

Linguistics - Language & Mind: Honors

A study of the relation between language and the human mind, focusing on language as a fundamental aspect of human cognition. Topics include what is innate and what is learned during first and second language acquisition, how we process language, and whether there are areas of the brain specialized for language.

(Fall 2020)

EECS 169

Programming I: Honors

Problem solving using a high level programming language and object oriented software design. Fundamental stages of software development are discussed: problem specification, program design, implementation, testing, and documentation. Introduction to programming using an object oriented language: using classes, defining classes, extending classes. Introduction to algorithms and data structures useful for problem solving: arrays, lists, files, searching, and sorting. Students will be responsible for designing, implementing, testing, and documenting independent programming projects. Professional ethics are defined and discussed in particular with respect to computer rights and responsibilities.

(Spring 2020)

MATH 146

Calculus II: Honors

Techniques of integration, including integration by parts. Applications of integration, including volume, arc length, work and average value. Infinite sequences and series and Taylor series. Polar coordinates, vectors and the geometry of space.

(Spring 2020)

HNRS 190

A Just Machine - First Year Honors Seminar

This seminar serves as an introduction to the University Honors Program, to research opportunities and other academic resources available at the University of Kansas, and to specific disciplinary perspectives on an overarching theme. The early days of computing focusing on how computing came to be and why. We look at work by the major early computing scholars and put their work in the context of World War II. We also look a that the limitations of computing and what we know about what can and cannot be computed mechanically.

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(Fall 2019)

ENGL 105

Introduction to English: Honors

Study of significant works of world literature. The primary aims are to develop reading and writing skills and to introduce the students to works of literature drawn from a variety of genres and historical periods.

(Fall 2019)